Annick Ozier-Lafontaine Annick Ozier-Lafontaine
Author, Composer, Pianist

From an early age, in her native Martinique, Annick was surrounded by classical music . At 5 years old, she started taking piano lessons with a personal teacher, and at 9 years old started writing her own music.

She studied History of music and soundtrack composition at the « École Normale de Musique » in Paris.

In 1986, back in Martinique, she wrote a sheet music book for children and opened her art school. In 1988, her concert pianist carreer took off in Europe with performances in Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia.

In 1992 she performed in Kansas (USA) and received the Prize of composition for her beautiful piece « Les Gorges de la Falaise ».

Over the years she was the winner of several awards :

The Distant Accords Awards 1991 in Los Angeles honoring instrumental compositions ;

The Albert VILLEMETZ Prize in 1997 for the piece « Symbiose ».

The Best composition Prize on the website free-score for the piece « Les ailes du temps » in 2012.

After producing 11 albums, Annick Ozier-Lafontaine is currently working on her 12th opus expected to be released in 2020.

She has already charmed the audience of Martinique and regularly performs on her native island. Her shows connect image and music and are fabulous journeys in the heart of the gorgeous landscapes and the many facets of the island.